viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

VAT changes in Spain from 1.09.2012

The Tax Department of BROSA Abogados y Economistas has published a new Tax Report, which details the recent VAT changes in Spain.

Click on this link to download the Tax Report in PDF format.

We remain at your disposal for any clarifications or futher information you may need.

NEW VAT rate from 01.09.2012

Valid until 31.08.2012
Valid until 31.08.2012
Reduced VAT rate from 8% to
General VAT rate from 18% to
Additional VAT rate from 4% to
Additional VAT rate from 1% to

VAT has also changed in products and services such as hotel trade, shows, theatre, cinema, pay-TV, hairdresser’s, acquisition of works of art, funeral services, ornamental flowers and plants, etc.

Here you can download the original Tax Report, complete, in Spanish.

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